Time is over.

I must apologise for such a long- kept silence.
But this post, which I have decided to be my very last one here, was not an easy one to lure out, I promise.

Suddenly it was just there, the 'stop'- thought, and despite the arguments I've given myself
to make a better choice - I had already made up my mind.

It is difficult to explain why, but there is this little gut feeling telling me it is enough now.
After so many years with The Other Sketchbook, after all the joy shared and connections made,
but also after many a time doubting directions and tellings, it is time to close up.

Enough of my snapshots and overflowing scribblings, weird green foods and gallery reviews.
Now I need someone to hire me instead.
- Take me as you like; a writer/ art director/ photographer/ illustrator/ cook... 
Ah no!
Well, alright, that would be nice, but from fun to facts; sometimes life is also about letting go.
Though I must admit it feels as much sad as it feels right.


My website elevineberge.com is under construction though, so you can always pop over there in a couple
of weeks' time to update your highness on my professional self. And however much I behold this love/hate
relationship to the internet at the moment, you should by now know where to find me both on flickr, twitter and
eh...ohyea, tumblr. 

And about the rest of the incredible New York photos I had promised you;
I am right now sitting with the table full of glue, pens, cuttings and findings,
making Lucas a truly amazing photo album from our transatlantic travellings.
- Come visit me and you can flicker through that as much as you like! 
And we can tell each other stories, and make each other raw shakes, and visit exhibitions and
take lots of pictures of each other!!! And and! 
That would be great. Take it a an open invitation!
We certainly need each other in our lives, there's so many other ways of doing it.

This coming semester is the last one of my bachelor and I can tell you I am exited to
(hopefully) graduate with style and embark on what is waiting behind the finish-line!
All the exiting curatorial possibilities, the inspiring collaborations waiting out there,
the crazy artists to write about, and the by this date yet non-existing professions and titles
in this vast and ever changing art world.  

One shall never say never, right? So who knows... 
maybe I one day will start a new journey. With a new Sketchbook.
But for now, thank you so much for all the wonderful, enthusiastic and inspiring feedback from you followers.
Without you The Other Sketchbook would never survived such a long time.
I really hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.

See you on the other side xx

Analogue New York

I'll start the new year with a few memories from our December days in New York, shot on film.

Here are Brooklyn Flea, Myrtle Avenue, the boys, the bagels, the sunsets, the bridges, the cabs and the
streets, a cold sunny Central Park, a walk on the High Line and a beautiful day with fresh sea air at Coney Island.

I will give you all the joyful stories and the digital photos soon, but for now, enjoy the tales in the pictures.

All photos taken by Guillaume, Lucas and me.

Early tomorrow morning I'll be meeting Lucas in Munich, and I am really looking forward both to 
see him again and to explore Germany for a few days before getting back home to London.

Pearly Clouds


Earlier this week we had a brilliantly coloured cloud appearing right outside our windows, and
my mum took a few nice shots of how it developed as the sky got darker. 

It was a truly amazing sight, and a really beautiful natural wonder.  

Jingle Bells/ I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus

It is lovely being back home for a little while again, and both Christmas traditions and 
catch-ups feels great.

The holiday has so far been filled with long family breakfast, swimming and pool working,
dark morning walks with Aico, a fun marzipan workshop, snowy trees, ski trips,
an action filled night when the sudden stormy weather took the electricity away,
pretty tables and lots of candles, a nice gathering in the chapel on Christmas Eve, the beloved fireplace,
my dad doing a brilliant santa for the younger neighbours, quiz games and tv films,
dinner visitors, presents, hugs, cards and candy.


The days are flying by somehow in slow pace, and tomorrow already it's time to drive down to Grandma's
in Kongsberg for a cozy New-Year's weekend to catch up with the old lady and see some more friends.