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Time is over.

I must apologise for such a long- kept silence.
But this post, which I have decided to be my very last one here, was not an easy one to lure out, I promise.

Suddenly it was just there, the 'stop'- thought, and despite the arguments I've given myself
to make a better choice - I had already made up my mind.

It is difficult to explain why, but there is this little gut feeling telling me it is enough now.
After so many years with The Other Sketchbook, after all the joy shared and connections made,
but also after many a time doubting directions and tellings, it is time to close up.

Enough of my snapshots and overflowing scribblings, weird green foods and gallery reviews.
Now I need someone to hire me instead.
- Take me as you like; a writer/ art director/ photographer/ illustrator/ cook... 
Ah no!
Well, alright, that would be nice, but from fun to facts; sometimes life is also about letting go.
Though I must admit it feels as much sad as it feels right.


My website elevineberge.com is under construction though, so you can always pop over there in a couple
of weeks' time to update your highness on my professional self. And however much I behold this love/hate
relationship to the internet at the moment, you should by now know where to find me both on flickr, twitter and
eh...ohyea, tumblr. 

And about the rest of the incredible New York photos I had promised you;
I am right now sitting with the table full of glue, pens, cuttings and findings,
making Lucas a truly amazing photo album from our transatlantic travellings.
- Come visit me and you can flicker through that as much as you like! 
And we can tell each other stories, and make each other raw shakes, and visit exhibitions and
take lots of pictures of each other!!! And and! 
That would be great. Take it a an open invitation!
We certainly need each other in our lives, there's so many other ways of doing it.

This coming semester is the last one of my bachelor and I can tell you I am exited to
(hopefully) graduate with style and embark on what is waiting behind the finish-line!
All the exiting curatorial possibilities, the inspiring collaborations waiting out there,
the crazy artists to write about, and the by this date yet non-existing professions and titles
in this vast and ever changing art world.  

One shall never say never, right? So who knows... 
maybe I one day will start a new journey. With a new Sketchbook.
But for now, thank you so much for all the wonderful, enthusiastic and inspiring feedback from you followers.
Without you The Other Sketchbook would never survived such a long time.
I really hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.

See you on the other side xx

A new year on the calendar

Ready for 2012? With the new filling for my diary that I got from little sis for Christmas,
and this pretty printable calendar by Love vs Design, I certainly am!

3rd Jan, 2012

I am having a swell time in Munich and Frankfurt.
- Some days of exiting art exhibitions, strolling cities I haven' seen before,
eating pretzels, practicing my not-existing German skills, visiting Lucas' family,
meeting friends, relaxing the last days of our holiday, and preparing for an intense
semester in uni.

Analogue New York

I'll start the new year with a few memories from our December days in New York, shot on film.

Here are Brooklyn Flea, Myrtle Avenue, the boys, the bagels, the sunsets, the bridges, the cabs and the
streets, a cold sunny Central Park, a walk on the High Line and a beautiful day with fresh sea air at Coney Island.

I will give you all the joyful stories and the digital photos soon, but for now, enjoy the tales in the pictures.

All photos taken by Guillaume, Lucas and me.

Early tomorrow morning I'll be meeting Lucas in Munich, and I am really looking forward both to 
see him again and to explore Germany for a few days before getting back home to London.

In between years


Shine for the old, shine for the new.
2011 has been a good one, may the next one top it up.

- I'm wishing you all a New Year full of excitement, adventures, love and wonders!

On this last day of the year

"What's the use of looking backward?
What's the use of looking ahead?
Today's the thing. 
That's my philosophy - today."

       - Joseph Cotton as Uncle Charlie in Shadow of a Doubt from 1943. 

Pearly Clouds


Earlier this week we had a brilliantly coloured cloud appearing right outside our windows, and
my mum took a few nice shots of how it developed as the sky got darker. 

It was a truly amazing sight, and a really beautiful natural wonder.  

It is lovely being back home for a little while again, and both Christmas traditions and 
catch-ups feels great.

The holiday has so far been filled with long family breakfast, swimming and pool working,
dark morning walks with Aico, a fun marzipan workshop, snowy trees, ski trips,
an action filled night when the sudden stormy weather took the electricity away,
pretty tables and lots of candles, a nice gathering in the chapel on Christmas Eve, the beloved fireplace,
my dad doing a brilliant santa for the younger neighbours, quiz games and tv films,
dinner visitors, presents, hugs, cards and candy.


The days are flying by somehow in slow pace, and tomorrow already it's time to drive down to Grandma's
in Kongsberg for a cozy New-Year's weekend to catch up with the old lady and see some more friends.

A film for the days: The Life of a Bauble

Internet is so bad here in the mountains, but the days are surely good and filled with family, the
best old friends, mulled wine, the cozy dog, many a dinner visit, board games and embraces. 

Meanwhile, I think you should watch this nice little film.

Enjoy xx



I know my tags here are a little bit abstract and disorganised, but
do feel free to find this category called Christmasy over in the bar on the left side here,
where you can scroll down down down and find many nice memories from this time last year.
- Christmas is a time for traditions for sure!

A chapter each day

In the beginning of December Lucas received a box from his mum, full of exiting envelopes for each day
of the month, and as the calendar my mum posted me never showed up and might be lost(Royal Mail,
you know this is not the first time you fail.) I have really enjoyed taking part in opening his every morning.


His mum's concept was really fun, with a few pounds and a chapter in each red envelope, after a while
ending up with a whole little book with short fictional stories from the various parts of London!
When they were finished and it was the day before we left for New York,
he started getting dollar bills instead and some cards with walking routes for the Big Apple!

A superb idea encouraging reading, exploration and adventures.

Xmas wraps

The presents are all wrapped and decorated with what I had on hand this year.
- Both masking tape, ribbons, collages from magazine papers and decorative paper
bags came handy, and they're all ready to end up under some lucky folks' Christmas trees
in two days' time.


No matter how many days we've opened on the Advent calendar now, and how much American
Christmas music, seasonal specials and decoration-overload we got, I cannot believe it is
Little Christmas Eve tomorrow already.

I want to get home, gimme me my white Christmas!


This was the beautiful view over Norway from the plane earlier this morning, and now I am sitting/ half laying
across three chairs in the hall waiting for my next flight. Inbound this time; up to my mountains.

Passing the hours organising NY photos and enjoying Becky and Rachel Unthank's new live album.

Merry Christmas New York

So, we got back in London early this morning, and the day has been busy cycling around to get our films 
developed and to sort out last-minute errands and visits before we both head off for homely Christmases in
Norway and Germany.

The days in New York went buy soo quickly with such fabulous times together in the bigcity.
Thank you so much for all your lovely wishes for the Holidays and your enthusiasm for future posts from 
our trip. Myself I am also very much looking forward to show you as much of it as possible! 

I have only got time to make a little sneak peak here now;
a couple of shots from the many good memories from NYC for you, whilst I am trying to beat the jet-lag with 
what's left of the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups from Times Square, so I can get to re-pack my suitcase for 
next flight journey tomorrow morning; and trying to realize that I will actually be back home in Norway by
tomorrow afternoon already!


1. A double exposure in the winter sun outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
2. Me in front of the swimming pool where we wanted to go for a morning swim, but as we were not allowed without a membership,
we enjoyed the sidewalks in the area instead.
3. An amusing miniature Christmas display in a West Village shop window.

The twilight ferry

The art museums here in New York are not free as in London
and most attractions are real money making machines,
but the best of them all, the ferry across to Staten Island is
totally free(!) and comes with a stunning view of Manhattan and
the Statue of Liberty.

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The Daily Commute

The M-train over Brooklyn bridge.

Orange days.

This Big Apple is amazing so far; alot of walking and markets today in the winter sunshine.
My legs are super sore so now I'm just going to lay down feet high, read the gallery listings and recharge 
for more sights and exploring tomorrow.
I'll show you many great photos soon!
But, for now...

...Back home in London last week there were many a day covered in my favourite hues.
From the clementines I gave Lucas in the calendar to decorate, Gingko leaves in my tea, the morning 
sun rays, our fabrics and the warm glow from the salt rock lamp.


Which colours are yours covered in nowadays?

To New York!

The suitcases are packed and we've finished the potful of mulled wine. 
We will be flying with the full moon.

I am so much looking forward to our ten days in NYC, to see JC and Guillaume again, and
to visit all the art museums and walk on Broadway!

- Will keep you posted for sure ;)

Five Senses Friday

I know I sort of skipped last week's senses-sum-up, but the days were just too busy with uni work
that I did not get to do any.
But now all is handed in, and I'm getting ready for the Holidays!

So, it was the week when Lucas did his Movember moustache and he looked like a real bandido,
it was the first week of the Advent calendar, and it was certainly a week with a lot of laptop writing.


I got this nice song sent in my music advent calendar on the 5th.

Well, Sainsbury's, I don't think I will buy more of those "exotic mushrooms" in a while, 
after spending a whole night throwing them back up.
Additional note to self: be aware that nori looks like tar when recycled.

I found my long lost Malene Birger gingerbread-scented candle in one of my storage boxes.
It smells divine and brings on so many nice memories from this time last year. 

Yesterday I finally got to go see the 'Power of Making' exhibition at the V&A and I
really enjoyed all the fantastic inventions and crafty objects. But more than anything I love just walking
around in the hallways there, getting lost in rooms full of old statues and, bronze decor, jewellery and
exotic carvings. 

A slight hint of deadline stress.
And some pre-Christmasy cozyness. 

My sixth, undefinable:
Now packing my suitcase and preparing for the long flight over the Atlantic Ocean tomorrow morning,
I have got a real good Holiday feeling. Which I really hope will last longer than till when I realise 
that there's not little amounts of thesis research that need to be started whilst away.

Now (soon) happy weekends to all of you!

Wicked Wick





A few of my prints from the Sonora in the Wick project.
Technique: Photopolymer Etching-Chine-Collé.

Sitting on Santa's lap in Harrods

Last weekend we met up with Marina and Andy to get the seasonal spirit boosted in the Christmas
Grotto in Harrods. It was all pretty window displays, and a whole department filled to the brim
with shiny baubles, sparkly decor
After waiting in line with all the other children, we visited the Santa who was ho-ho-ho-ing alot,
and after we had taken our photo with him he even asked us whether we had been nice this year
and we got a big chocolate coin each. Fabulous, even for big kids must know!

As it was all real magic alla commercial glory
I concluded that doing some real fairytale style blurred photos would score...!
(Harrods can let me do their adds next year.)


A huge dose of glamorous Christmas, which surely will last for a while...!

Goodies for a wishlist


"It's not about what's under the tree, but who's around it"
(I could not have said it better myself Jack Daniel's!), and my actual Christmas
wish list is shorter than my nails. - I would just like some monetary support from
my folks for taking a driving licence in the New Year, a planner-refill for 2012 from
my sis,...and, well, lots of love and peace on earth.

But that does not mean that my bookmark list is not full of pretty, handy
and exiting things that could do well in a letter to Santa Claus:

My hands are cold as ever and my gloves are full of holes, something I think Nido
could make an end to, and this apron is perfect for both baking and printmaking!
This handmade Moroccan pouf could do our guests good.

Our improvised Christmas tree could do with globe, and the walls with
a collaged piece of art, or a print or two
Over in Spitalfields I always find the most adoring up-cycled furniture and
if I had all the money in the world I would buy a luggage rack for our hallway,
a bunch of drawers, more drawers, - a wall of them -, and even more drawers...
Apologies Mr Santa, for my drawers mania.

Maybe some indulgent creams, scrubs and lip-balms from all-natural skincare
company Sprout, and a book for the dark evenings too. Like this one
Or subscriptions for Om and ArtMonthly.

When it comes to jewellery I am a picky girl, but anything with Indian references,
organic shapes and pretty stones will do. Like an amethyst drop,
or a handmade fragranced lock.

What about a leather bag from Forestbound, a preppy jacket, or whatever that falls
down on my nose from Tony Chestnut really - I can sit forever and just watch
those beautiful f11 photos!

My tummy would love a bite of some Holy Cow dairy-free fudge and scrumptious
wheat-free Peanut Butter 'N' Jelly or Truffle Mac & Cheese biscuits does not at all
have to be for the four-legged ones only! And, aiaiai, gimme some coffee Rawtella!

No, honestly, I just want to go all yoga and surf here.

Merry Christmas.

Oh, and Santa Claus, I forgot to say; I have been a good girl. 
So do give Norway its white snowy treetops soon please.

A Sunday Christmas Bazaar

...This is how we do Christmas fairs in East London; in warehouse underground clubs.
On a very bleak and cold December Sunday, the 2nd in Advent.


Very few knitted socks (none), but alot of art, live wall painting, a very nice Oda,
and a comforting cup of mulled wine.


Time is the lens through which dreams
are captured.
          - Francis Ford Coppola

These days I am reading....

...So much wonderful and inspiring books.

Like Brian's wonderful Quality of Life, which is full of gorgeous silent photographs from his time in London
that reminds me of It is remarkable how he captures everyday life and encourage to be aware of the beauty 
that one often take for granted.
They speak slowly and gently of the good things.

Lucas' Lonely Planet Guide to New York City is an amazing comprehensive fellow telling us all we want to
know about the city- as well as all we did not know we wanted to know...!
And then there is the Neal's Yard Natural Remedies A-Z of Cures for 125 Ailments in which I handily can
look up everything from sore throat to dandruff and jet-lag.


Best of all though, is the literature publication Lasso, which Thea posted me from Norway.
Not only does it include two of her brilliant poems, but I also realised the issue is themed 'Nature'
and it has thus turned out to be incredibly inspiring for my work for The Sketchbook Project.

If city is nature with mountains of people, and we are all real nature, a poem can certainly be a flower.
We are an unmistakable part of everlasting processes, our instincts are a blessing and a curse, and
as the dry leaves are withering so shall we decay and fine new references of authenticity. 
The man says the gas cables are the urban veins and that the metaphysic of the city has come to stay.
I say I agree, draw a line under the words and take record of the samples I have got; evidences of life
as we know it, and the ones that makes me wonder why we ever left the forest.

Such a long time since I have read any Norwegian, and it was surprisingly good to get some writings from
the Motherland in front of my eyes too.

Come meet me in Shoreditch for some artsy
Christmas Bazaar?!

- I need a little fresh air break from my essay work,
and this happening in Village Underground
looks out to be fab on a Sunday:)


Today is already the 4th day of our Advent calendar, and as we do every second day for each other it
was my day today yay! 
I woke up super early not able to sleep more at all, no matter how tired I felt, so after waiting very patiently
for Lu to wake up too, I finally got to to go over and pick down the neatly stitched cardboard surprise he
had put up last night. Containing a handwritten voucher for a "custom made raw breakfast in bed" it surely
made my day!

Yesterday my surprise for him was a funny photo, and the day before that I got a paper with tickets for
MoMA in New York! Ohmy, I'm so exited to take it in use in a week's time!

On the Thursday, which was the very 1st, Lucas got a note from me with a program for our evening;
to watch the traditional lighting of the Norwegian Christmas tree on Trafalgar Square along with
some seasonal specials from Starbucks, and afterwards walk through the often brilliantly lit Carnaby Street.

Thrilled about the little adventure, we got on the bus and grabbed an eggnog latte and a gingerbread
soya latte on the way to the square which already was full of people who waited for the event to begin.
It was rain and wet, umbrellas everywhere, and even the camera lens got foggy and the photos dark.
Though it was nice and cosy with hot drinks and everyone standing close together whilst there were
speeches and polite thanks, the choir sang carols and some cute little kids read a very charming poem.


We also added on with the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize exhibition at the National Portrait
Gallery afterwards, Lucas got his pork bun from Chinatown, and since this day might be the only day in
the whole year I actually bother getting a Starbucks I even had a second gingerbread latte to warm my hands on.

I did not really understand the theme of the Carnaby Street lights this year, and was abit disappointed
as it has been truly amusing previous years, but apparently the colours are music coordinated to 
"I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa" this year...and I guess that can be fun enough indeed!

Although proper British wet, we had such a nice evening out and it was a fabulous start on the calendar.
- After already having lived in London over two Christmases I guess it was about time to get to
see the lighting of the tree...

The exhibition and book launch Tuesday night went excellent thanks to Lilia's brilliant organisation
and a good amount of folks coming by for hugs, nibbles, wines and to have a closer look at
the workshop outcome. 


Above you can see a few of my works and the table fully loaded with the books.
More of my photos from the event are up on the project blog.

There's such an incredible amount of interesting (as well as uninteresting) readings to stumble
across when researching and working with my essays and thesis proposal...

Photo: Lucas Seidenfaden ofcourse 

Amongst others I love this part of the article by Independent Curators International;

..."11. A Contributory Ethic
Considering that collaboration has become the invariable basis of early 21st-century art—in a highly networked world, with protocols of interaction and production systems bringing together artists and curators, as well as translators, technicians, scenographers, architects, and specialists of all kinds, it is urgent that we evolve a contributory ethic that recognises and credits the often invisible forms of labour that nourish the process of cultural production, and indeed, make it possible.
We have found it useful to take a detour through Buddhist ethics while approaching this subject. The Buddha teaches that individuals, who can acquiesce in their own degeneration, can also reconstruct themselves by the perfection of understanding and purpose; of speech and conduct; of occupation and effort; of attention and meditation. Inspired by this teaching, the aspirant along the Buddha’s path takes up residence in the four states of consciousness celebrated as the brahma-viharas or sublime abodes. These are maitri, karuna, mudita and upeksha: loving-kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity."...

Read on here.

"And so this Buddhist detour brings us back to a space of engagement where we must redefine our subjectivity and our practice constantly, at the shifting point that marks where the cultural and the political knot across one another."

What a fabulous connection eh!?

1st Dec, 2011

Happy December everyone!
It's (suddenly) finally time for advent calendars and wish lists again...

As we are going to be away the most of the month, I figured out it was already time to get a tree up
- this year the Christmas Tree is a metal mobil from Ikea. Hung with souvenirs, photos of friends,
flowers made of old poem pages, threads and red necklaces, postcards and candies, it makes up
a little homemade hanging "tree" decoration!

Lucas and me are doing calendar for each other alternating days, so some of his surprises will also
get a space on the hanging branches.


Tell me, how is your calendar this year?
Are you crossing out days with a black felt tip pen, counting stars on the night sky, or
maybe giving away a flower to a new stranger each day?!

I like that this time of year brings along an excuse to put up pretty things and to really reflect 
around making a very special happening each day.

Snapshots from The Other Art Fair

Last weekend went by in a buzz.
- A buzz of artists, art, curators and buyers that is!

Here are some snapshots from The Other Art Fair in the bricky the Bargehouse, which I was
working for. An amazing collection of interesting folks and various artistic expressions.
Most of these are taken before the doors opened to the public in the mornings,
when in was still a calm atmosphere and the artists slowly came in one after the other, ready to present
their works, answer questions and make connections.


With curated talks, Toms shoes' design competition, a wall of Polaroid photos taken during the days,
and the indoor picnic cafe by the Robin Collective, the days were full of activities in addition to the art,
and (despite the flu that kept me home in bed on Saturday) I had such a good time directing visitors,
looking and chatting.

If there are any of these works you are particularly interested in, I will be more than happy to provide you
with details so do not hesitate to ask. Also find the full list of all the participating artists here

And I must say, not only was there inspiring art on display, but the building, oh the BUILDING, was
truly amazing. So old and rusty, materials and objects creeping out of the walls, metal wires and plaster
hanging from the roofs, scribblings and signs hidden in the stairways.
I got a pretty amazing collection of photographs of all the intriguing patterns, textures and formations,
and I promise I'll let you have a sneak peek very soon!

It's December tomorrow...!

...A little surprise for the coming days!

More on that later ;)

New York movie to watch: Downtown 81

I have been wanting to watch artist Jean-Michel Basquiat playing himself in O'Brien and
Bertoglio's New York Beat movie for a while, and now when we are very soon flying
over to the city it was no longer any question.

New wave blends with hiphop, the worn-down Lower East Side is the canvas for 
graffiti art and legendary creatives, there is spontaneity,clubs, witty lines,
Debbie Harry, DNA and Kid Creole. - Certainly "an extraordinary real-life snapshot
of hip, arty, clubland Manhattan in the post-punk era..."

Make sure you get to see this film now!


"In this town, anything is possible."

After all the inspirational meetings and workshops the Sonora In The Wick
project is now going towards an end.
The several autumn Sundays spent in Lilia's studio in Hackney Wick have been
incredibly nice and I just really wish it was more time to keep on.

But the project closure also means that the publication is finally ready and that the
time for the exhibition now is here!


After having finished the last fixings and framings in the weekend, I delivered
the works to the venue today. 

In all six artist have taken part and all the resulting works from the project will
go on display tomorrow evening at Ground Floor Left. With prints, drinks and a DJ
I think it will be a good show.
You are vey much welcome too!

It was a very happy first Thanksgiving

Thursday evening saw a flat full of friends, gratefulness and pumpkins; the orange ones
in the pie and the squashes from Abel&Cole filled up the table as decoration.
Neither of us are American or closely bound to the tradition, so we surely made our own take on the 
Holiday - just to get together!


Lucas made spiced mulled wine and popped a chicken in the owen for the meat eaters,
Dione brought juicy fruits, we munched on Alina's halloumi and nibbled tiny roasted potatoes and dips
with one of the breads we got from Hobbs House Bakery the other day.
The dessert table became a selection so vast that I bet these walls have never seen the like!

After the feast we ended up laughing our hearts out when crawling around on the floor for Daniel's
animal miming game, and even more people came by after exhibitions and wanderings.
Yes, Thanksgiving was such a great excuse for an evening together that it shall indeed
become a tradition in my repertoire!

The envelope / The entertainment

Today's delivery from the postman could not have been timed better!
I mean, how often do I get a lovely parcel that says ..."Contains courage (to create), lavender lines,
highly valuable literature, loveliness, light and cold, fresh Norwegian air"? 
And could there be any better time to receive it than when when ill?
No I say.

Theus sent me a big envelope with card full of nourishing words, a publication including two of her poems,
and the best literature magazine, and brought my day stuck at home on the bed to a whole new level for sure!


So from the state of self-pity, this comforting surprise got me to rather enjoy the feverish haze, to get some
easy handy work done, and to stumble over some inspiring findings which you also can explore by clicking on
the images above; the wonderful house, a short film with amazing energy, and photographs you can't stop staring at.

There is an Indian wedding in the community house across the road again, so I am sure I will have
entertainment enough for the rest of the Saturday in. 

home sick (blues)

Gah, I don't have time for a cold.

Five Senses Friday

Last week I was intrigued to see Bayonet Brunette following up my Five Senses Friday,
and this week has been frames and stairs, and as it passed in a whirlwind, it's about
time to sum it up...

Theories on art, philosophies on the art market, arguments for the rise of
contemporary abstraction, ideas on how to find the true medium of expression,
whether to hang high or low, and much more art related amusing wisdom and nonsense,
in the showrooms at the Bargehouse

Yea, it's been alot of my "Big Soya Matcha, double of the green please" from EAT
across the square from Other Art Fair.

Mulled wine.
Lucas made a delicious one for our Thanksgiving gathering here last night,
and suddenly it's smelled of mulled wine both at the fair and in the streets
here and there these days. Winter is here.

When passing the East London Mosque down the road when on my bike one
afternoon, there was a whole school class of kids standing outside 
That they, despite education cuts, actually get some knowledge about these
various cultures and religions living together around here, makes me so
happy and relieved. 

A slight surprise by how quickly December s coming this year!
...ey, it feels like we just finished August...!

My sixth, undefinable: 
Two days ago it was one month till Christmas Eve,
tomorrow is two weeks till New York and one week until essay deadlines.
I am forecasting a stressful week of late-night writings.

But first, bring on this weekend!

Working for The Other Art Fair


I will be working at the Other Art Fair these days, and from the look of it after we have been working hard finishing
the hanging today, it really looks like the place will be super buzzing and exiting!

The old bricky Bargehouse is a brilliant raw background for lots of young artists' work on display,
and with fabulous talks and events on the program and even a 99p shop, this surely should not be missed.
Check it out and get hold of a ticket to come by over the weekend!

Veggie post on the door!

Boxes waiting outside the door on a Monday morning is the best.
- Especially when they are boxes from Abel & Cole

A few weeks ago we joined their box-scheme to get organic seasonal vegetables delivered on the door,
and it has worked so well and been such a great treat to get to see what is in it when it arrives.

Ours come every 3rd week, and this Monday was only the second time, but I must frankly say I have
completely fallen head over heels in love with these folks!
Everything is so well presented and they really care about the details, as having a minimum of packaging,
sharing recipes and tips for how to use some of the weirder greens (like the celeriac!),
collecting the used boxes for recycling, and adding lovely little notes.

Ah, and look, my freebie this time was a carton of delicious soya milk, plus 
a surprising festive mini mince pie too even!


Loaded with red cabbage, fresh mushrooms, limes, carrots, parsley, chard and
lots of apples and quinces from fabulous farms around the country there is no better way to start the week.

I had also added on this delivery with some gorgeous looking squashes and pumpkins of all sorts,
which will star as ingredients and decorations at our Thanksgiving gathering here tomorrow eve.
- I'll make a raw pumpkin pie for the first time, so cross your fingers for me that it will work out!

Watch this today: The Shrine / An Argument

With wishes of happy Tuesdays for you all, I want to share this beautiful short film
with you that we watched when having our breakfast.

So, if you have a spare ten minutes during the day you know what to do;
get it up on full screen, sit back, and let yourself submerge in the colours,
sounds, and gripping story.

The 'Reflections' exhibition

The 4Art group behind the exhibition in the Art Pavilion last Friday had absolutely put together a good
show. The venue was full of people, some pretty girls were serving canapes and it was a good buzz about 
the art.

The piece above is mine, titled 'Repair', which you previously have seen in my studio.

Elevine's work deals with the human nature and psychology seen in relation to our various environments.
Through simplistic familiar elements and materials she reflects on the present time on earth.

Her art practice is binding together nature, human faults, hope and struggle for personal and universal
development in order to poetically understand and solve these challenges. With installations that in a
subtle language speaks of emotional tension she expresses the layered dynamics of consideration
and encourage the pleasure of reading between the lines also when confronting human relations.


You can find some more of their photos from the preparations and the evening here

I spent the whole weekend with herbs and infusions, latin names and charts of the various plant parts,
doing a fabulous two-day course in Herbal Medicine with Neal's Yard Remedies by Covent Garden. 
Really intense and really fascinating, it fulfilled my expectations and more!

On day one the Introduction to Herbal Medicine was brilliantly led byCarol Hobday. She thought us about
a wide range of the basic herbs and the use of them, historical perspective, and preparations like infusions,
decoctions, tinctures and bitters.
We also got some fun hands-on knowledge on how to make herbal preparations for first aid,
so after smelling and mixing and making I came home with an amazing bunch load of herb samples and
several pots of healing creams!

Day two, the Sunday, Niki Lawrence talked us through Botany.
From basic plant types, Taxonomy (the science of classifying living things), Linnaeus, genus and species,
Nomenclature(naming of plant species)floral keys and jargons, to plant structures and
The Mint Family Lamiaceae, and we also dissected some poor lilies. 

My Saturday lunch of course had to be a hearty raw thai soup in my favourite Wild Food Cafe downstairs
from the teaching rooms, and the photo below is from making onion cough syrup

After a warming lentil and cauliflower dhal for lunch in Food For Thought it was time to go find the real thing;
growing medicinal plants. We visited The Phoenix Garden, which amazingly is right in the middle of the centre, 
just around the corner form Covent Garden and Shaftesbury Avenue!

Out in the green, the air was fresh and chilly, and even though we were surrounded by city all around, the
park was full of wonders! A beautiful Gingko tree, a bush of Hot-Lips, and suddenly we also found both Nettle,
Rosehip, Elder, Catnip, and many other super useful herbs we had got familiar with over the weekend.

When our feet got cold we walked back in to learn about seed germination (the proper way - not like I've
been doing it, which makes me wonder how on earth my seeds have made it at all!), and we had a go sowing
a few rows of seeds, which I am now taking good care of and really hope they will grow.

We ended the day with a quiz about what we had learned, and though the questions were remarkably difficult(!),
I got a very nice prize at the end! 
Full of new knowledge and tired after a long weekend, nothing was better than a warm bath with a book when 
coming back home. Of course fragranced with the aromatic bath oils from Neal's Yard that I won!

This morning, when Lucas said he felt like he was coming down with a flu, I knew exactly what to do.

Herbs aiaiai!

Notting Hill Street Style

Whilst I was drinking herbal infusions and dissecting plants this weekend,
Lucas brought his light equipments and flash assistants up by the Portobello Road
market on Saturday.

You should pop over to his blog here to see some more of the photos!

A few 'Latow' exhibition pictures

Some photos are now up on the Ground Floor Left website,
so you can have a look at the slidshow there before our own photos from the night are ready!

Five Senses Friday

Another soon bygone hectic week and I am squeezing in some time to sum up the senses 
in between essay writings, and exhibitions preparations.

I found the biggest apple I have ever seen.                                                  The exhibition space, in transformation.
Apple with capital A. Which ended up in my soup.

Conversations on the tube that I am not really meant to hear.
I love getting to know a tiny part of some strangers' lives.

Oooh, I got a freakin' awesome-tasting Lovebomb in the post from Divalicously Raw yesterday!

We've got two(!) jars of nutmeg in the cupboard, which is unnecessarily much.
But I love nutmeg, and the scent made me want Christmas to come right now! 

Nao and Artemis' lovely camping trip.
Waking my dream about getting myself a Volkswagen bus alive again.  

'Nuff said.

My sixth, undefinable: 
I woke up from this horrible dream the other day, panicking after just having cut
my fingers off in total despair when my mac suddenly crashed from some virus.
...Gosh, that's how much computer trouble annoys and frustrates me.
And, well gah, seeing...
...I. need. to. take. a. backup. before. it's. too. late.

Now, good weekend all, better dreams than mine I hope.

Exhibition: 'Reflections'

One of my installation pieces will be shown in the group exhibition 'Reflections' organised
by 4Art at the beautiful Art Pavilion in Mile End Park tomorrow eve. 

You can read more about it here, and find the Facebook event here
- Do come by to have a look and a glass with us!

'Latow' our one-night-only exhibition


I think I can say that our exhibition last night was a success, with all the performances getting good comments
and interesting inputs from the audience. 
The event as a whole rolled pretty smooth despite the fact that all four of us were in a messy mixed state of
knackered, exited, concentrated and nervous...!

To fill a gallery space with challenging performance happenings is not the easiest task we could have taken on,
but we got people both confused, engaged and questioning, so the conceptual pieces worked as they were meant.

The whole evening was filmed, so stay tuned for more photos, the video, comments from the guest book
and lots more soon coming up on the LatowArt website. Together with Lea, David and Danny I will hopefully
make these concepts live on also in the aftermath of this happening, and we might see more projects
coming up in the near future.

A grand thank you to the folks at Ground Floor Left and everyone who showed up on the night.

I caught the summer-blue sky in a jar

As the evenings outside are getting shorter and darker, the candles are burning inside.
So it is alright really, that there soon is more leaves on the pavements than on the trees, because the
kettle keeps us warm with cups of tea, the lady with the soothing voice is on the radio every morning and
the external hard-drive is full of nice films to watch under the fleece blanket.


- Raw cacao beans dipped in honey must be the ultimate snacks.
- Cuttings and sketchings while listening to surprises in the Spotify inbox. 
- Plants and flowers are put to dry in the window by my side.
- The beetroot-cake-without-any-recipe-experiment turned out superbly with a little cake party in the night.
- The jars in the kitchen window contain colours full of summer memories.