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Merry Christmas New York

So, we got back in London early this morning, and the day has been busy cycling around to get our films 
developed and to sort out last-minute errands and visits before we both head off for homely Christmases in
Norway and Germany.

The days in New York went buy soo quickly with such fabulous times together in the bigcity.
Thank you so much for all your lovely wishes for the Holidays and your enthusiasm for future posts from 
our trip. Myself I am also very much looking forward to show you as much of it as possible! 

I have only got time to make a little sneak peak here now;
a couple of shots from the many good memories from NYC for you, whilst I am trying to beat the jet-lag with 
what's left of the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups from Times Square, so I can get to re-pack my suitcase for 
next flight journey tomorrow morning; and trying to realize that I will actually be back home in Norway by
tomorrow afternoon already!


1. A double exposure in the winter sun outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
2. Me in front of the swimming pool where we wanted to go for a morning swim, but as we were not allowed without a membership,
we enjoyed the sidewalks in the area instead.
3. An amusing miniature Christmas display in a West Village shop window.