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To New York!

The suitcases are packed and we've finished the potful of mulled wine. 
We will be flying with the full moon.

I am so much looking forward to our ten days in NYC, to see JC and Guillaume again, and
to visit all the art museums and walk on Broadway!

- Will keep you posted for sure ;)


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11th Dec, 2011 12:59 (UTC)
Have a wonderful time. Is this your first visit? Don't forget to catch a show.. I love new york.. live not to far from it.. and try to get in as often as I can.
12th Dec, 2011 04:09 (UTC)
thankyou, my very first visit yes :)
had this slight feeling of the city being abit too big and bold, but was very exited to give it a fair chance...and I really think it was worth it - it's got so much charm and weirdness to it too!

wherebaouts do you live? any tips on short daytrips out of town?!? - would love to see some places around elsewhere too when first on this side of the atlantic ocean ;) thinking about Far Rockaway (?) or somewhere else by the sea maybe...or further in...

( 2 comments — shake me some words, please! )