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Sitting on Santa's lap in Harrods

Last weekend we met up with Marina and Andy to get the seasonal spirit boosted in the Christmas
Grotto in Harrods. It was all pretty window displays, and a whole department filled to the brim
with shiny baubles, sparkly decor
After waiting in line with all the other children, we visited the Santa who was ho-ho-ho-ing alot,
and after we had taken our photo with him he even asked us whether we had been nice this year
and we got a big chocolate coin each. Fabulous, even for big kids must know!

As it was all real magic alla commercial glory
I concluded that doing some real fairytale style blurred photos would score...!
(Harrods can let me do their adds next year.)


A huge dose of glamorous Christmas, which surely will last for a while...!


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9th Dec, 2011 00:38 (UTC)
love that one of you hugging the bear!!! <3
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