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1st Dec, 2011

Happy December everyone!
It's (suddenly) finally time for advent calendars and wish lists again...

As we are going to be away the most of the month, I figured out it was already time to get a tree up
- this year the Christmas Tree is a metal mobil from Ikea. Hung with souvenirs, photos of friends,
flowers made of old poem pages, threads and red necklaces, postcards and candies, it makes up
a little homemade hanging "tree" decoration!

Lucas and me are doing calendar for each other alternating days, so some of his surprises will also
get a space on the hanging branches.


Tell me, how is your calendar this year?
Are you crossing out days with a black felt tip pen, counting stars on the night sky, or
maybe giving away a flower to a new stranger each day?!

I like that this time of year brings along an excuse to put up pretty things and to really reflect 
around making a very special happening each day.


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2nd Dec, 2011 09:14 (UTC)
This is so adorable! I especially love the little polar bear sniffing the rosemary! x
2nd Dec, 2011 09:28 (UTC)
thank you so much!
ohyes, he's such a herb-loving northerner ;)

oh and I have btw laid my eyes on a beautiful little sparkly addition for this that I want to find in the Santa's Grotto tomorrow...!
Look forward to it all xx
( 2 comments — shake me some words, please! )