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After all the inspirational meetings and workshops the Sonora In The Wick
project is now going towards an end.
The several autumn Sundays spent in Lilia's studio in Hackney Wick have been
incredibly nice and I just really wish it was more time to keep on.

But the project closure also means that the publication is finally ready and that the
time for the exhibition now is here!


After having finished the last fixings and framings in the weekend, I delivered
the works to the venue today. 

In all six artist have taken part and all the resulting works from the project will
go on display tomorrow evening at Ground Floor Left. With prints, drinks and a DJ
I think it will be a good show.
You are vey much welcome too!


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30th Nov, 2011 08:16 (UTC)
Grattis !
2nd Dec, 2011 09:31 (UTC)
Re: Grattis !
takk takk fra oss alle ;)
( 2 comments — shake me some words, please! )