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It was a very happy first Thanksgiving

Thursday evening saw a flat full of friends, gratefulness and pumpkins; the orange ones
in the pie and the squashes from Abel&Cole filled up the table as decoration.
Neither of us are American or closely bound to the tradition, so we surely made our own take on the 
Holiday - just to get together!


Lucas made spiced mulled wine and popped a chicken in the owen for the meat eaters,
Dione brought juicy fruits, we munched on Alina's halloumi and nibbled tiny roasted potatoes and dips
with one of the breads we got from Hobbs House Bakery the other day.
The dessert table became a selection so vast that I bet these walls have never seen the like!

After the feast we ended up laughing our hearts out when crawling around on the floor for Daniel's
animal miming game, and even more people came by after exhibitions and wanderings.
Yes, Thanksgiving was such a great excuse for an evening together that it shall indeed
become a tradition in my repertoire!


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Hlne Dirand
27th Nov, 2011 11:31 (UTC)
Its is a shame it doesn't exist in France. I love this day concept !
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