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The 'Reflections' exhibition

The 4Art group behind the exhibition in the Art Pavilion last Friday had absolutely put together a good
show. The venue was full of people, some pretty girls were serving canapes and it was a good buzz about 
the art.

The piece above is mine, titled 'Repair', which you previously have seen in my studio.

Elevine's work deals with the human nature and psychology seen in relation to our various environments.
Through simplistic familiar elements and materials she reflects on the present time on earth.

Her art practice is binding together nature, human faults, hope and struggle for personal and universal
development in order to poetically understand and solve these challenges. With installations that in a
subtle language speaks of emotional tension she expresses the layered dynamics of consideration
and encourage the pleasure of reading between the lines also when confronting human relations.


You can find some more of their photos from the preparations and the evening here


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22nd Nov, 2011 14:51 (UTC)
Vel gjennomført og bra jobbet !
Stiiilig !

( 1 comment — shake me some words, please! )