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Five Senses Friday

Another soon bygone hectic week and I am squeezing in some time to sum up the senses 
in between essay writings, and exhibitions preparations.

I found the biggest apple I have ever seen.                                                  The exhibition space, in transformation.
Apple with capital A. Which ended up in my soup.

Conversations on the tube that I am not really meant to hear.
I love getting to know a tiny part of some strangers' lives.

Oooh, I got a freakin' awesome-tasting Lovebomb in the post from Divalicously Raw yesterday!

We've got two(!) jars of nutmeg in the cupboard, which is unnecessarily much.
But I love nutmeg, and the scent made me want Christmas to come right now! 

Nao and Artemis' lovely camping trip.
Waking my dream about getting myself a Volkswagen bus alive again.  

'Nuff said.

My sixth, undefinable: 
I woke up from this horrible dream the other day, panicking after just having cut
my fingers off in total despair when my mac suddenly crashed from some virus.
...Gosh, that's how much computer trouble annoys and frustrates me.
And, well gah, seeing...
...I. need. to. take. a. backup. before. it's. too. late.

Now, good weekend all, better dreams than mine I hope.


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18th Nov, 2011 16:08 (UTC)
That apple is HUGE! WOW! I've finally done my own 'Five Senses', thanks for your inspiration! x
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