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'Latow' our one-night-only exhibition


I think I can say that our exhibition last night was a success, with all the performances getting good comments
and interesting inputs from the audience. 
The event as a whole rolled pretty smooth despite the fact that all four of us were in a messy mixed state of
knackered, exited, concentrated and nervous...!

To fill a gallery space with challenging performance happenings is not the easiest task we could have taken on,
but we got people both confused, engaged and questioning, so the conceptual pieces worked as they were meant.

The whole evening was filmed, so stay tuned for more photos, the video, comments from the guest book
and lots more soon coming up on the LatowArt website. Together with Lea, David and Danny I will hopefully
make these concepts live on also in the aftermath of this happening, and we might see more projects
coming up in the near future.

A grand thank you to the folks at Ground Floor Left and everyone who showed up on the night.